instrukcja montażu zsypu budowlanego Ramco

Rubble Chute - safety and cleanliness of the construction site.

One of the basic elements of building back is a building chute. It ensures fast and safe transportation of debris directly into the container located at built, repaired, or demolished facility. Chute construction ensures safety on construction sites, it helps maintain order and cleanliness. Also affects the improvement of work, eliminating persistent walking up the stairs with buckets filled with rubble. We offer a high-quality chutes for debris, which is characterized by durability and ease of installation.

Construction chute is a product entirely Polish. It is made of polyethylene having high impact and abrasion resistance.

Installation instructions

1. Installation of the chute begins with the mounting structure (1). According to the thickness of the wall set the length of the tap (2) and lock screws.
2. We assume winch (3) and lower the bar (4) down. Warning! Bar (4), when leaving an additional charge to the winch cable was taut.
3. Suspension of the first segment (5) by hooking bar (4) on the inner hooks of the segment (5).
4. Pull in the chute segments tacking more items. Warning! If your package using intermediate segments (inlet) (6) should be selected chain lengths in order intake fell out on selected floors. This should be done before mounting the chute.
5. When pulled all the elements all fastened to the support structure (1) by means of hooks.
6. We put the hopper segment, basing it on the structure.

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